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Coronavirus: Airbnb restricts UK bookings to coronavirus keyworkers


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Home rental firm Airbnb is to temporarily restrict UK bookings to keyworkers and “essential stays” because of the coronavirus crisis.

The firm said that the measure would last until at least 18 April.

Keyworkers – such as NHS and social care staff, and transport and food retail employees – can still book through a programme called Frontline Stays.

The decision comes after the government criticised opportunistic hosts.

The BBC had reported on Monday that some listings were letting customers use the “instant book” function without requiring them to be vetted.

At the time, some owners were describing their properties as being “Covid-19 retreats” and “perfect for isolating with family” on the site.

Tourism Minister Nigel Huddleston described this as being “irresponsible and dangerous”.

Essential travel

The Frontline Stays programme is designed to provide up to 100,000 healthcare staff and first-responders with accommodation close to their patients and a safe distance away from their own families.

Government rules state that tourism-related accommodation should only be provided to keyworkers needing to self-isolate during the pandemic.

Airbnb has now disabled its instant-booking function for whole properties. It blocked private room bookings last week.

Last week, the tech firm pledged to give out $250m (£201m) to hosts that had lost income as a result of the pandemic.

In a message to hosts on 31 March, chief executive Brian Chesky said: “When your business suffers, our business suffers.”

A few days later, it announced that it had raised $1bn from investors to help it through the crisis.

The news site Techcrunch has reported that Airbnb is rejigging its business model to focus on longer-term stays.

It said the company had changed its front page to promote such listings and had contacted hosts about the benefits of longer bookings.

The BBC has asked the Airbnb for comment.




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