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Coronavirus: Grant Shapps set to announce ‘regional travel corridors’

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Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is expected to give the government’s backing to “regional travel corridors” in a Commons statement later.

It would mean that England could vary its quarantine rules for regions or islands of another country where there is a difference in infection rates.

For example, the Canary Islands have had a lower rate than mainland Spain, but quarantine rules are country-wide.

One airline called the expected announcement “too little too late”.

BBC transport correspondent Tom Burridge says it would mean it is also possible that Greek islands, which have been causing concern, could be added very soon to the UK government’s quarantine list.

The announcement is for England only, as the devolved administrations are responsible for their own quarantine rules.

The Welsh government has already said travellers arriving from six Greek islands must self-isolate for 14 days.




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