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Lululemon yoga wear reveals more than expected

Stretchy Lululemon yogo pants

Image caption

The recall sparked a 5% fall in Lululemon’s share price

A sports clothing company has removed a range of black yoga pants from sale because it has discovered that they reveal a little too much.

Canada’s Lululemon said there was an unacceptable “level of sheerness” created during the manufacturing of the fashionable stretchy leggings.

But the Taiwanese supplier of the pants said it had followed all Lululemon’s specifications.

Lululemon’s shares fell almost 5% on the news.

The company insisted it had not changed the specifications for the clothing, but is warning of a shortage of the items, which make up about 17% of all women’s pants and crop pants in its stores.

Lululemon said it had used the same fabric manufacturer since 2004 and stressed that the issue was not caused by any change in the quality of the materials used to make the items.

However, Eclat Textile, a supplier for Lululemon for more than 10 years, said that “a gap between Lululemon’s expectations and reaction from the market” was the cause of the problem.

“We checked our orders this morning and indeed, we did follow their instructions to make the product.”




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