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Primark presses ahead with new store openings

The queue outside Primark

Primark is going ahead with plans to open five new stores in the coming months in the US, France and Poland.

It comes as other High Street brands cut costs and lay off staff, as they struggle with the economic impact of the coronavirus.

The latest update from Primark owner AB Foods revealed the full impact of the lockdown on trade, with Primark’s sales down 75% in the past quarter.

Now though, all but eight of Primark’s 375 stores are trading again.

Since reopening, Primark shoppers have been buying up children’s wear, leisure clothes and night wear. Summer fashion items such as shorts and T-shirts are also in high demand, while sales of men’s formalwear and travel-related goods are down.

The company says stores in regional areas and retail parks are doing well, but city centre stores continue to suffer from a lack of tourists and much lower footfall.

Primark’s new US stores are planned for New Jersey and Florida, though the company says retail restrictions due to Covid-19 may push back their opening dates.

In France, Primark will be opening in the Belle Epine and Plaisir shopping centres in Paris. The company is also set to open its first new store in Poland, in the capital Warsaw. In the coming months Primark will also expand existing stores in Malaga and Lisbon.




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