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Speedy return to workplace ‘not possible’

Bank of England

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A senior Bank of England official has cast doubt on the government’s drive to get workers back to the office as coronavirus curbs are eased.

Alex Brazier, the Bank’s executive director for financial stability, said a “sharp return” to “dense office environments” should not be expected.

Social distancing guidelines in the workplace and public transport capacity were two factors holding people back.

“We should expect a more phased return,” he told a committee of MPs.

“I feel safe coming to work, but I quite understand why many people might not,” he said in evidence to the Treasury Committee.

“It’s not possible to use office space, particularly in central London and dense places like that, with the intensity that we used to use it.

“It’s not possible to bring lots of people back very suddenly.”

Mr Brazier’s remarks come after the government launched an ad campaign encouraging people to go back to the workplace.

Business leaders have warned of economic damage being done to city centres as people stay away from offices.

Last week, head of the CBI Dame Carolyn Fairbairn said the prime minister needed to do more get workers to return, warning “some of our busiest city centres resemble ghost towns”.

Earlier, during Prime Minister’s Questions in the Commons, Boris Johnson made several references to the need to get people back to work, saying he and his colleagues were working to get the country and the economy “back on its feet”.




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